: Americans experiencing ‘unprecedented levels of stress’ over economic worries and the 3 main reasons workers are quitting their jobs


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Americans experience ‘unprecedented levels of stress,’ fueled by inflation, money worries, COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war

Stress related to money hit its highest level since 2015, the American Psychological Association says. Read More

Underpaid, lacking career advancement and feeling disrespected — the 3 main reasons workers are quitting their jobs (for better ones)

The Pew Research Center asked more than 9,000 workers why they resigned from their job. Read More

This shaving-cream company’s cheeky campaign urges people to donate their pubic hair to save the planet

Eos is helping customers turn their personal grooming into donations for a renewable resource nonprofit that specializes in repurposing discarded hair. Read More

Inflation is red hot and drivers are reaching their breaking point — and that was before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine set gas prices soaring

Gasoline costs jumped 6.6% from January to February, new inflation data show. Read More

‘I’m considered “less than” simply because I’m a woman’: I’m an unmarried stay-at-home mother in a 20-year relationship, but my partner won’t put me on our house deed. Am I unreasonable?

‘To me, not being on the deed is a direct correlation to how I am devalued for my time and labor.’ Read More

Mortgage rates rise as Russia’s war in Ukraine stokes volatility. Experts say the short-term uncertainty over rates could continue

‘The real challenge for Americans is that the high inflation is eating away at the growth in wages and salaries, on top of spiking housing and living costs.’ Read More

‘It feels like we’re being robbed’: Carpooling, waiting in line for Costco gas, and no more driving grandkids. Reluctantly, Americans adapt to rising gas prices.

Almost half (45%) of drivers said they were shortening driving lengths to cope with rising gas prices, according to one recent poll. Read More

The 2022 BMW Z4: The luxurious drop-top 2-seater offers plenty of driving thrills

The cool-looking and surprisingly roomy 2-door roadster is fun to drive with a distinct personality, but lacks a manual transmission option. Read More

‘It’s not free money’—know the costs and risks before you tap your home equity

While home equity can be a useful resource in a financial emergency, you risk losing the home if you can’t repay. Here’s how to borrow against your home safely. Read More

How paying alimony — or receiving it — can affect your tax bill

Recent tax law changes can be expensive for people who pay alimony to an ex-spouse. Read More

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