Personal Finance Daily: Ex-union treasurer pleads guilty to embezzling $2.2 million for huge gambling sprees and Can Biden turn his ‘billionaire minimum income tax’ into law?


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Ex-union treasurer pleads guilty to embezzling $2.2 million for huge gambling sprees, guns, luxury cars

Timothy Edmunds was accused of making $16 million in bets at a Detroit casino as money disappeared from a United Auto Workers local. Read More

‘Democrats love proposing taxes on the wealthy’: Can Biden turn his ‘billionaire minimum income tax’ into law? Don’t count on it, analysts say

The 20% Billionaire Minimum Tax is the latest Democratic proposal for more taxes on the rich. Read More

Taylor Swift, founders of Netflix and LinkedIn join list of 2022 commencement speakers

These celebrities, CEOs and world leaders are set to give graduation speeches for the class of 2022. Read More

‘Thousands of potential race-related flags’: Biden administration wants to root out racial bias in home appraisals — but research suggests it’s endemic

The White House has released a 21-step action plan intended to bring greater oversight to the appraisal industry. Read More

Two small cars cut from GM lineup—is this the end of the affordable compact?

GM is eliminating two of its best options for bargain hunters, and it could signal the demise of the affordable small car. Read More

How inflation can affect your homeowners insurance

Should disaster strike, homeowners without enough coverage could find themselves digging into their wallets to cover the shortfall. Read More

Good news for college students: Pell Grants have gotten a boost

More free college aid could be coming your way thanks to the federal spending bill signed into law March 15. Read More

Americans are getting fewer car repairs, but here’s the bad news

While the volume of repair orders declined, the severity of issues requiring repair went up. Here’s how much the average car repair costs. Read More

Plastic was found in human blood for the first time. Is this a public health risk?

Evidence of microplastics in human blood requires study to understand health concerns. Production of the life-changing technology looks to quadruple by 2050. Read More

The IRS sent thousands of third-round stimulus checks to dead people — that’s still a huge improvement from the first round

The IRS paid the correct amount 99.48% of the time, but nearly 645,000 potential recipients are still waiting, a Treasury Department watchdog report says. Read More

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